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Now that Kegtron is out in the wild, we’ve had some great feedback and a numerous requests along the way. To that end, a few cool new features on the Kegtron app:

Dynamic Color Gauges

We’ve updated our level gauges to give you a better visual indication on how much is left in your kegs. After all, there may be occasions when your ability to read numbers may be temporarily impaired. Check out the screen shot above for a visual. In case you’re wondering about the thresholds, here you go:

  • Green:50-100%
  • Yellow:30-49%
  • Orange:10-29%
  • Red:0-9%

Suffice it to say, when you see red it’s time to act. Be prepared!

Device Sorting

Some of us are lucky enough to have multiple taps. Some others are even so fortunate as to have a permanent Kegtron-enabled tablet on display. If you’re one of those people, you’ll be pleased to know the app now automatically sorts keg monitors by name. Previously the could come up in any order which can be a pain for multi-tap users.

International Orders

Beer knows no boundaries and so we’re continuing to make Kegtron available wherever you may be. The first place to start is our shopping page where you’ll find details on the different hardware versions to match different AC power plug styles around the world.

You’ll also find links to our listings on Amazon – the quickest way to get Kegtron in your hands. Most of us in the US know about Prime shipping, but Amazon also offers affordable and timely international shipping to many countries.

The Way to Norway

The most exciting international news of late is our first European distributor: Brewshop.no. Located in the homebrewing hotbed of Norway, Brewshop offers a complete lineup of everything for the brewer online and in their store. Needless to say, we’re very excited to welcome out latest partner.



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