Beta Demo

Since we’re not shipping yet shipping, we thought it would be cool to share a quick demo video of the pre-release (beta) Kegtron app in action!

Here’s a run-down on what you’re seeing:

  • The Kegtron app has two primary views:
    1. The ‘Scan’ view which show all yours taps at a glance (as shown here)
    2. The “Tap Details” view which has all the detailed stats for a single tap. That’s what you see below.
  • Keep a close watch the percent remaining gauge, “volume served” and “volume left” values on the app – they’re updated in real-time. They’re also updated on the Scan view (not shown).
  • US Customary units drive you nuts? Don’t worry – you can change things to metric. Some day we’ll get America to switch. Some day…
  • What kind of beer is it? Thanks for asking! It’s an American Brown Ale and here’s the recipe.


That’s it for now, stay tuned for more as we prep for our Kickstarter launch. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you can be first to know!



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