Keg Date Tracking

Today we rolled out new updates to our Android and iOS apps. Several minor updates were included, but we wanted to tell you about a set of handy new features to help you better manager your kegs:

Date Tapped Tracking

Until now, it was up to you to remember when you last tapped your keg. If you have just one (and your memory is good) this may not be hard. But what if you have 3? 8? 20? That’s not so easy.

With our latest app update, now Kegtron can keep track of these dates for you. Just pull up your keg details, hit “Device Setting”, set your date and hit “Save”. Easy.

When it’s time to change out your keg and you use the “Reset Volume” function, the Date Tapped will automatically be updated to the current date. You can always override this as needed, however.

Date Cleaned Tracking

Just like it’s handy to know when you tapped your keg, it’s also good to know when you last cleaned your lines and keg monitor. Of course we know you, gentle reader, are already on top of this and never forget to regularly clean – nonetheless it’s a good thing to track.

Unlike the Date Tapped tracking, the Date Cleaned will not change when you use the “Reset Volume” function. Update this manually whenever you clean your lines.

…and one more thing:

Like all important keg data, Date Tapped and Date Cleaned info is stored within the keg monitor device and not the app. The dates are safe, regardless of how you abuse your phone. This also means that the same info is available to your friends, coworker, lackeys on their devices.


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