Kegtron @ Homebrew Con!

It’s been a whirlwind two months here at Kegtron.  After a wrapping up a great Kickstarter campaign, we’ve been working hard to release Kegtron to production. That alone is a huge task, but just to make things interesting we threw in a visit to Homebrew Con 2018 in the mix.

Also known as the National Homebrewers Conference, Homebrew Con attracts amateur and pro brewers from around the world to learn from experts, check out the latest gear & ingredients, judge the best of the best amateur brews and meet thousand of passionate beer geeks.

Oh, and there was beer. A ridiculous amount of beer, to be specific.

Consider these numbers: 3200 attendees, 2500 kegs. You do the math. Can you think of a better place for Kegtron to make its first public appearance? We can’t. Thanks to our great friends at the Worts of Wisdom homebrew club, we were able to showcase a live 8-tap Kegtron demo in front of thousands of thirsty attendees and a few brewing rock stars (Charlie Papazian, anyone?).

How did we monitor 8 taps at once? The same way you can do at home: we took four dual keg monitors, connected them inline between the kegs and the jockey box and launched the Kegtron app on an iPad. No convention center WiFi? No problem: the app automatically discovers all of the local keg monitors without any network requirements.

Now you might ask yourself: why spend time at a convention when you could be back at the shop building product? Well, deadlines have an interesting way of making pieces come together and a live, high-volume demo makes for a great proving ground.

Stay tuned as we continue to push forward towards production!


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