Make it a Double

For many people, having a single keg on tap is pretty awesome. Draft beer at the ready is a beautiful thing. For others, a single tap is a quaint thought from the distant past. The more taps, the merrier.

For those of you in this latter category, Kegtron introduces our dual tap keg monitor. We’ve taken the same smarts from our single tap keg monitor and scaled it up. For those of you with more than one tap, there are several advantages:

  • Lower Cost: By sharing the internal electronics we’re able to keep the cost of our dual keg unit to just 50% more than the single keg monitor
  • Lower Complexity: Fewer boxes means fewer complications inside your fridge

Regardless of your configuration, the single and double tap keg monitors are cut from the same cloth. Same features, twice the capacity. Mix and match the single and dual monitors for your specific needs – the Kegtron app is designed to work any combination of the two.

When you’re the bartender, it’s your job to keep your patrons happy. Sometimes you need to make it a double.

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