NEW! SAFECID Line Cleaners

Kegtron is proud to announce the availability of SAFECID draft line cleaning products! Here at Kegtron our mission in life has always been to elevate your draft game – at home or at work.

While our keg monitoring systems are a game-changer for managing your kegs, when it comes to maintaining flavor that’s up to you. In order to maintain the flavor and freshness of whatever you’re pouring keeping your lines clean is an absolute must.



Let’s be honest – no one enjoys cleaning lines. So when you do it, you really should do it right. There are a lot of choices when it comes to draft line cleaners: powders, liquids, no-rinse, caustics, acids, etc. Until recently, you had two classes of products to choose from:

  • Professional-grade chemicals that are strong yet highly toxic and dangerous to use
  • Consumer-grade chemicals that are safer to use but have weak cleaning performance

Enter SAFECID. No longer do you need to choose between strength or safety: SAFECID delivers both professional cleaning power and formula that is safe for you and the environment. Draft cleaning professionals have long relied on SAFECID to get the job done right and do right by their employees. Now Kegtron is excited to make these same products available to home and business customers alike.



Power and safety. We’ll drink to that!

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