One of the goals of Kegtron is to make your kegerator world less stressful – no more guesswork, etc. This also applies to setup – a product like this should be simple to use and install. The best way to demonstrate this is with a video!


Here’s our “director’s cut” commentary:

  • A little USB wall adapter (not shown) is plugged in outside the fridge with a small wire fed into the fridge to provide power
  • When clipping you beer line, make sure the keg coupler is disconnected beforehand or things will get wet & wild really fast!
  • Since this was a quick demo, we didn’t bother to hard-mount the box but you can use the built-in brackets as needed
  • The first pour after installation will generally be more foamy until the initial air is pushed out of the lines and the beer path is cooled down.
  • What kind of beer is it? Thanks for asking! It’s a double-decoction Munich Helles

That’s it for now, stay tuned as our Kickstarter launch is getting closer! If you’re not already on our newsletter, sign up so you can get the latest updates.



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