Ship It!

Exciting times here at Kegtron. After launching this company 14 months ago, we can now officially say “we’re shipping”! What does that mean? Well, if you were one of our Kickstarter backers (who rock) and chose the single tap keg monitor, it’s time to start watching your mailbox.

Having said all that, we’re just getting started. There are many more backers to be fulfilled and then it’s time to make things available to everyone.  So stick around, this train is just starting to roll.

Apps in Action

They say hardware is hard, but that doesn’t necessarily imply software is easy. It has been no small effort to get a our apps to a respectable state that works on multiple platforms. That in mind, we’re also happy to announce the release of our iOS and Android apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play.



Even if you’re still waiting for you gear, you can still impress your family and friends with the Kegtron app on your phone. If nothing more, they’ll want know if you really have that much malt liquor on tap. Anyhow, look for the demo mode feature to get a feel for what’s in store.



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