Temperature Alerts

The Heat Is On!

Recently we received a call from a bar owner and Kegtron customer in Phoenix, Arizona. “It’s going to be 118°F all week. I really need to know if someone leaves the door open to our walk-in.” There is heat and then there is Phoenix heat. He went on to explain that if the door to his walk-in cooler was left open for even a short time the evaporator coils would ice over.

Open Door ⮕ Iced Coils ⮕ Warm Kegs ⮕ Lost Sales

Code Brown

When you’re in the hospitality business sh*t happens. Regularly. Doors are left open, A/C compressors fail, fan motors die, the list goes on. Maybe you can’t prevent things from going sideways, but if you can detect these turds quickly enough you can take action before it really starts to stink up the place.

Early Warning Systems

When we designed Kegtron Pro the focus was improving operational efficiencies and boosting the bottom line for business owners. This starts with precision inventory tracking, reporting and loss detection. These are critical functions when you’re in the business of selling draft beverages, but they are reactionary updates. In other words, you’re learning about something that has already happened.

Proactive updates, on the other hand, tell you about something that is in-progress or will happen soon. Are your kegs running low or near empty? Is the closing crew pouring themselves free drinks after business hours? Kegtron Pro will tell you immediately via email and/or text alerts as it happens.

Dial the Bat Phone

Kegtron Pro has always had the ability to measure both temperature and humidity. You can see this on the Cloud Dashboard Keg Details page for any keg. We’ve now augmented that with a new ability to provide realtime temperature alerts. If the temperature of your cooler is getting too warm or too cold, now you can optionally enable live email and/or text message to let you know that something is amiss.

If Commissioner Gordon had Kegtron Pro installed, it could auto-dial the Bat Phone and alert the Caped Crusaders that there was a real emergency. Could you envision a greater threat to Gotham City than the potential interruption of draft beer? This author cannot.

“Holy cooked kegs, Batman! Did the chiller crap out again?”

How it Works

Each Kegtron Pro keg monitor has a built-in, high-accuracy sensor which measures the temperature and humidity of the ambient air around the device. This sensor is sampled once per minute to detect if the temperature is trending outside of the normal operating range. If the temperature goes below or above respective the low & high temperature threshold continuously for 10 minutes then alerts are triggered. The opposite is also true to determine when things are back to normal.

Temperature Alert Configuration

Since it’s the air temperature that’s sampled, sudden temperature changes can be quickly detected. That wouldn’t work well with a liquid sensor since kegs have a very large thermal mass and temperature changes quite slowly.

Kegtron Has Your Back

Whether it’s extreme weather or extremely flaky equipment, eventually your cooling system may give up the ghost. When, not if, this happens you don’t want to be caught off guard. Let Kegtron Pro keep a constant watch on your cooler before your profits are cooked!

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